Reelect Mary Kolar, District 1, Dane County Supervisor

Representing District 1, Dane County Supervisor, Mary Kolar continues to serve downtown Madison residents.  First elected to the Dane County Board of Supervisors in an April 2013 Special Election, she has worked with citizens and elected officials to achieve our goals of a cleaner environment, and improved human services.  The health of each and every one of us depends on these two issues.  We also need to improve Dane County transportation options as one of the many ways to improve our economy.  We need Mary Kolar to continue to represent District 1.

Mary Kolar leading in Dane County

  • Chair, Healthy Farms Healthy Lakes Task Force-working with farmers, scientists, clean water advocates and other elected officials to further reduce the amount of phosphorus entering our lakes
  • Vice Chair, Dane County Housing Authority Board of Commissioners-Increasing availability and access to affordable housing throughout the county
  • Chair, Zoning and Land Regulation Committee-balancing preservation and development to maintain Dane County quality of life
  • Member, Lakes and Watershed Commission-protecting our lakes and Dane County recreational assets
  • Member, Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission-funding and promoting art and artists
  • Director, Wisconsin Counties Association Board of Directors-representing Dane County's values throughout all 72 WI counties

Mary Kolar for District 1 Dane County Board Supervisor

28 year U.S. Navy Veteran—Proven Leadership

Neighborhood Community Advocate—Balances Preservation and Innovation

Lifetime Environmentalist—Vision for the Future

Mary Kolar representing District 1 on the County Board
 ensuring Dane County continues to be a great place for everyone
 to live, work and prosper