As a Downtown Madison resident, I appreciate our ability in Dane County to enjoy the benefits of city and country living. In County Board Supervisor District 1, my neighbors and I are able to walk nearly everywhere - to work, entertainment and recreational activities. Many and varied dining choices are available. The Dane County Farmer’s Market provides fresh, locally grown food. Within a short bike ride, we can be in the more open areas of Dane County. The beauty of neighboring communities and preserved natural spaces are available to all. I am proud to represent District 1 on the County Board. I will continue to work to ensure Dane County remains a great place for everyone to live, work and prosper.

As the County Supervisor for District 1, I have focused on improving the level of human services the county provides, improving the water quality of our lakes, and promoting economic development. I will continue to pursue increasing our intermodal transportation options.

Dane County Human Services assist those who, for any number of reasons, need help to regain the dignity that a safe home, health, education, and work provide. I owe my success in life to the investments previous generations made in community services. I want to continue the Wisconsin tradition of providing a foundation for everyone to be able to succeed.

As a lifetime environmentalist, I especially appreciate that the borders of District 1 include two of Dane County’s largest bodies of water, Lakes Mendota and Monona. The county and many government agencies and other environment and clean water focused groups have been working together to improve the water quality of all Dane County lakes. All citizens are impacted by the pollutants that reduce the viability of our county’s natural assets. I continue to work with other County Board Supervisors and County Executive Joe Parisi to improve the water quality of Dane County Lakes.

Our nation’s and our county’s economy is improving. Dane County is one of Wisconsin’s economic engines and our future looks brighter every day. The success of our economic development depends on government leaders with vision to ensure businesses flourish and all citizens benefit.

Having lived and traveled throughout the United States, I have seen and experienced cities with a varying degree of intermodal transportation systems. Our environmental and economic future depends on more and better transportation options. I will work with county and other government and civic agencies to ensure we integrate transportation plans with urban and rural growth plans.

Working together, through intergovernmental cooperation, industry and citizen collaboration, we will find innovative ways to reduce spending and identify efficiencies in the delivery of services.

I have experienced poverty and wealth during my lifetime. As District 1 Supervisor, I strive to ensure all citizens of Dane County have services as good as or better than those that enabled me to have a safe home, good health, superior education, modest wealth and success as one of our nation’s leaders.

Mary Kolar for District 1 Dane County Board Supervisor

  •  28 year U.S. Navy Veteran—Proven Leadership

  • Community Advocate—Balances Preservation and Innovation

  • Lifetime Environmentalist—Vision for the Future